The original world championship 3 champion will appear tonight! Yan bingtao or set my own record, O'Sullivan 8-1 promotion is watching
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The original title: the three World Championships champion will appear tonight! Yan bingtao or set my own record, O'Sullivan 8-1 promotion in watching

Beijing time on August 3, the beginning round of Snooker World Championship will continue to open plunder. Today, there will be three winners in the five groups. Yan bingtao of China will join hands with O'Sullivan to see a quick victory. In this table, the former three champion Selby and Sean Murphy will appear on the Hubei fast three platform software, and Lisovsky will also welcome McGill's challenge. (photo source: Benjamin mole / WST)

China's Yan bingtao will come to the second extreme Hubei kuaiyan platform software with a 7-1 huge score. The mentality against slesser has been hit out of balance. From the first stage of the game, we can see that there is a big gap in strength between slesser and Yan bingtao. In the second stage, Yan bingtao only needs to win three games to win the opening game of geyang world championship. If he is promoted, he will fight trump, the number one player.

O'Sullivan took the lead 8-1 in the first stage, setting the biggest half-time score after the start of the match. In the first nine innings, O'Sullivan blasted a 7-shot 60 +, giving tazia any chance. With just two more wins today, O'Sullivan will be in the top 16. If promoted, the opponent will be Ding Junhui.

Selby, the three time world champion, will also appear against Jordan brown, who is 75th in the world. Selby, one of the world's top players, is also the winner of the world championship. In the face of qualifying player brown, Selby won't give his opponent too many chances. Former champion Sean Murphy will welcome Thailand's samkam, who is 42nd in the world. The two had played twice before, and Murphy won the game.

In this table, the transplanter Lisovsky will face the challenge. He will face McGill, who is the 39th place in the world. Two previous three hand in hand, Lisovsky 1-2 at a disadvantage. Earlier, Gilbert became the first out of the planting player, this time Lisovsky to avoid the bitter cold.

Today's schedule is attached: